Hache Almacén: The Best Wine Bar in Buenos Aires?

My dear winelover friends, I must confess that the journey to this moment has been extremely difficult. After weeks of sleepless nights I’ve finally decided to share with you one of my most precious secrets. I just take consolation in the fact that most of you don’t live in Buenos Aires, so hopefully there won’t be a line around the block anytime soon…

I first discovered this little place with some colleagues one friday night a couple of weeks ago. We’d started out at a manically busy beer place where the only wine option was “vino blanco” by the glass (I’m a monogamist, I never touch that other stuff). It turned out to be a mediocre Sauv Blanc, but at least the serving was enormous and I could drown my sorrows over the lack of good wine. Anyway, after that spiritual experience it was the hardcore winos’ turn to choose the next bar.


Which leads us to my current wine bar crush, Hache Almacén. Located in Palermo Hollywood, the slightly more grungy, nightowl side of hipster Palermo, this is really a little slice of wine heaven. Walk through the door and you’re greeted by God handing Adam a glass of jolly nice-looking wine (not literally, obviously, it’s a Michelangelo knock-off). Nice piece of marketing there. Take a seat at the long communal table and the gruff and ever so slightly surly owner will ply you with recommendations and samplings from the ample shelves. Many of the bottles come from boutique wineries in Argentina, and the variety makes a refreshing change from the plethora of stereotypically Malbec-heavy wine lists you find in Buenos Aires. Think a floral white Fiano from Bodega Caelum, a Blanc de Malbec (probably the only one in existence?), and plenty of hearty Cabernet Sauvignons/Francs and Patagonian Pinot Noir. It may take you a while to decide…

But don’t worry if you can’t – all the bottles can be purchased to take away at the same (incredibly reasonable) prices so you can always pick up a little something for later. The owners also run regular wine tasting evenings where they bring in winemakers or sommeliers to showcase a particular winery. We’ve been to a couple (in the past 2 weeks!) featuring Clos de Chacras, a well-known boutique winery in Luján de Cuyo, Mendoza, and Finca las Payas in San Rafael, a tiny one-man artisanal operation with an experimental ethos and a love of weird grape varieties (more gossip on this soon, I promise).


The tastings also include a luscious picada (a traditional Argentine meat and cheese board) which I stupidly forget to take a picture of every time I go because I’m too busy gorging myself. Honestly, it’s worth going just for the food. This place is truly dedicated to the cause of cheese. They get their charcuterie and cheeses from a sleepy town 5 hours away from Buenos Aires called Tandil, which here in Argentina is regarded as the Holy Land of cheese production. Udderly divine.

So there you have it. My big secret’s out. Now it’s your turn to share – what’s your dirty wine secret? Caring is sharing, remember!

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  1. My only wine secret is my favorite wine, which is hard to find. I tried it at a restaurant about 15 years ago and found it readily available in Denver, Colo. However, after moving to Indiana, it’s hard to find decent wines above $9. If you get a chance, and have access to U.S./California wines, try Mondavi’s Moscato D’Oro. It’s on the sweet side so it’s best served cold. And, honestly, it tastes like you are drinking flowers. What an amazing experience. Last time I had a liquor store order it for me, they only sold half-bottles for about $11. It’s well worth it, if you can find it. Amazing. Do you have any wines that are sold in the states, from your country, that you’d recommend? Thanks! Found you through the Kindness Challenge. http://www.dianeweidenbenner.com

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    1. Thanks for sharing that! I’ll have to look for it when I’m in a country that has imported wines! As for Argentine wines, I love Bodega del Desierto which is based in Patagonia. Their Cabernet Franc is delicious but might be hard to find stateside! Another easier to find option would be something by Susana Balbo. She makes some really great stuff! Thanks for stopping by!


  2. Catching up on these posts, as I have been out stringing new cordon wire in one of the vineyards for the past week. 🙂

    I have no dirty wine secret. For me, all and any wine that I like is to be shared and enjoyed. For me, wine is a public beverage. 🙂

    If you share information about your favorite artisan or boutique wine or wine bar, that may mean that your beloved artisan or boutique wine or wine bar may come to the attention of others (thus may result in prices increases, crowding, or limit availability), you are in fact helping that small (maybe family owned) winery or wine bar business. Thus ensuring they will continue to produce or provide quality wine for both you and others. Which is really a win-win for everyone.

    So if you like a wine, or a wine bar, sing its praises. As loud as you can. 🙂

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