#IAmWinePop: The new app rocking the wine tourism world

If you’ve been on social media recently you may have noticed #IAmWinePop floating around (as well as some awesome wine-related antics, some of which *may* have had something to do with me).



So who or what is WinePop?

Well, think back to that time. The last time you were visiting a wine region somewhere out there in the big old world of wine. It might have been the sunny South of France, dusty Rioja, or the gentle rolling hills of Tuscany. And you thought to yourself, if only I had a map of all the wineries that are nearby.  With full details of their tours, wines, and even the ability to book a visit, all from the comfort of my sun lounger/al fresco dining table/hammock/soft, pillowy, lavender-scented bed in your French chateau hotel room.

Ok, that’s enough. Snap out of it. The time for daydreaming is over because here’s the best news you’ll hear all day; WinePop IS that dreamboat.

Simply download the app for free (Android and Apple, so no excuses people) and get tapping. Search your current location to see which wineries are close to you, read about their opening hours, and find out what wines they produce. The app holds the exact GPS location of each winery, and you can use it to generate Google Maps directions to make sure there’s no more getting lost along the way. After your visit you can even upload your own review of the visit, to guide future visitors to choose the winery tour that best fits them!

As if that wasn’t enough, the team plan to introduce the option to book winery tours with just one-click! For me, this is the giant cherry on top. If you’ve done a few winery visits, you’ll know how long it can take to arrange a tour. The process gets even more stressful if you’re planning a wine immersion trip to a specific region and you want to max out on your winery visits.

Each visit takes a back-and-forth of at least 3-4 emails, confirming dates, times and travel information. Times that by 10 wineries and you’re in need of a secretary.

Which is exactly where WinePop comes in. Think of it as your personal, pocket-sized secretary. Always there with handy information when you need her (I’m assuming she’s a female, given the sheer level of multitasking).

Why not give it a go, and let me know what you think. Comments below, as always, please!


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