Cellers Avgvstvus Forvm: Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door

What connects Bob Dylan, the Queen of England and a long-dead Roman Emperor? And no, I’m not talking about their dodgy hairstyles. I’m talking about a small Catalan winery tucked away in a tranquil corner of Penedés which just happens to produce one of the world's best vinegars. Born of Joan Roca’s dream to make his... Continue Reading →

The Gift of Dionysus: The London Greek Wine Festival 2016

"Yeia mas!" shouts a rather jolly Olly Smith, raising his glass enthusiastically at the little crowd huddled in a white plastic tent in the middle of the festival. For a moment I feel like I'm back in school and a charismatic prefect has broken into the headmistress's liquor cabinet. We're reverently gathered for an introduction... Continue Reading →

Wine Hackaton: Pinot vs Bonarda

Have you ever met a wine hacker? I have. Last week I found myself in a narrow, brightly-lit room in a far-flung corner of the city, rubbing glasses with Argentina's hippest wine bloggers at the grandiosely-named PinotBonarda Wine Hackaton. Now let me be clear; there were no geeky, unwashed techies in ironic oversized T-shirts here (ok,... Continue Reading →


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