Pretentious Farming (a.k.a winemaking) in Hungary

For this edition of Wine Chats let's have a big round of applause for a rather pretentious farmer, Kevin Sallee. A biologist and all-round nature lover, Saint Kevin (read on, you'll work it out) makes beautiful wines in Hungary, and he's here to tell us all about himself, his wine, and his gorgeous vineyards... Wine... Continue Reading →

Screw the bottle shop! Let’s make some wine.

If you're reading this, chances are you like a glass of something red, white or blush come sundown. But you probably wouldn't actually consider getting dirt under your nails and making the stuff yourself. For this latest edition of Wine Chats I chatted to Mikhail Klassen of Klassen Wines to find out why he and... Continue Reading →

Turning Wine into Water with Vin2o

It's usually Jesus who gets all the credit for turning water into wine, but what about doing things in reverse? For my second Wine Chat I met up with the inspiring Chris Coles who's trying to do just that for a very good cause. Chris' UK-based company Vin2o sells two Bordeaux blends to the on-trade and supports... Continue Reading →

Fancy a personal wine waiter? Meet Somm

To kick off my new Wine Chat series please allow me to introduce the craft beer fanatic and startup whiz Michael Werner. Yes, you did read that right, my wine lover friends. I said the b-word. Michael co-founded the groundbreaking SYNEK company which is transforming the beer industry with its innovative countertop dispenser system. Proud owners... Continue Reading →

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