One Forgets Everything With Champagne: Buenos Aires’ Best Wine Fairs

"Take a picture of me with the little girl", instructs my newfound Argentine friend to her husband. I lean in and clink my glass with hers, wondering exactly how old she thinks I am. Then I realise she's talking about a portrait on the wall right behind me. In fact, it's just one of a... Continue Reading →

Wine Hackaton: Pinot vs Bonarda

Have you ever met a wine hacker? I have. Last week I found myself in a narrow, brightly-lit room in a far-flung corner of the city, rubbing glasses with Argentina's hippest wine bloggers at the grandiosely-named PinotBonarda Wine Hackaton. Now let me be clear; there were no geeky, unwashed techies in ironic oversized T-shirts here (ok,... Continue Reading →

The Little Green Wine: Petit Verdot

A couple of weeks ago I had the pleasure of sampling the rather nice Erdità blend from Clos de Chacras at my new favourite Buenos Aires wine bar. It's a wine dominated by two of this country's usual suspects, Malbec (50%) and Cabernet Sauvignon (35%). This is a common combination here in Argentina; the Malbec... Continue Reading →

World Malbec Day #1: Wine Safari Finds

Since April 17th is officially designated World Malbec Day, I've decided to begin a roundup of some of the great Argentine Malbecs I've tasted over the past few weeks and a series of posts dedicated to this rather spiffing grape variety. Hopefully this will inspire your Malbec choices for the big day itself! (And, just... Continue Reading →

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