Weird and Wonderful Champagne Pairings: It’s National Champagne Day!

“Do you know what Dom Pérignon said after inventing champagne? He called out to his fellow monks, 'Come quickly! I am tasting the stars.” John Green, The Fault in Our Stars Like many things related to Champagne, the National Day of Champagne itself is hotly debated. Some clamour for the 31st of December which clearly makes... Continue Reading →

Fruity with Strong Notes of Coal Mine: Calais’ Slag Heap Wine

Of late Calais has been constantly in the news for all the wrong reasons; scuffles between police and desperate migrants, tales of deadly attempts to cross the Channel, and frequent "disruption" to transport services between England and France. What you may not know is that this region has a much dirtier problem (literally speaking). If... Continue Reading →

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