Weird and Wonderful Champagne Pairings: It’s National Champagne Day!

“Do you know what Dom Pérignon said after inventing champagne? He called out to his fellow monks, 'Come quickly! I am tasting the stars.” John Green, The Fault in Our Stars Like many things related to Champagne, the National Day of Champagne itself is hotly debated. Some clamour for the 31st of December which clearly makes... Continue Reading →

Turning Wine into Water with Vin2o

It's usually Jesus who gets all the credit for turning water into wine, but what about doing things in reverse? For my second Wine Chat I met up with the inspiring Chris Coles who's trying to do just that for a very good cause. Chris' UK-based company Vin2o sells two Bordeaux blends to the on-trade and supports... Continue Reading →

3 Eccentric Winemakers I’d Love to Meet

We Brits practically invented eccentricity, so it was only a matter of time before I felt the urge to write something about off-centre winemakers. You might think all those Brits trying to grow English wine are pretty crazy (think rain, rain and then a whole load more rain), but there are winemakers who are even stranger!... Continue Reading →

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