One Forgets Everything With Champagne: Buenos Aires’ Best Wine Fairs

"Take a picture of me with the little girl", instructs my newfound Argentine friend to her husband. I lean in and clink my glass with hers, wondering exactly how old she thinks I am. Then I realise she's talking about a portrait on the wall right behind me. In fact, it's just one of a... Continue Reading →

Please take a bao: Tierra Club opens for business

How do you choose the wine you buy? Do you go for grape varieties you know you love, or do you try to pick something you've never tried before? Or are you simply a sucker for a great label? (Maybe that's just me...) Back in the UK, where I'm from, wine shops and supermarket shelves... Continue Reading →

World Malbec Day #1: Wine Safari Finds

Since April 17th is officially designated World Malbec Day, I've decided to begin a roundup of some of the great Argentine Malbecs I've tasted over the past few weeks and a series of posts dedicated to this rather spiffing grape variety. Hopefully this will inspire your Malbec choices for the big day itself! (And, just... Continue Reading →

The World’s Best Red? Famiglia Bianchi Malbec 20

Yes, you did read that right. Every year the Union of French Oenologists organises the Vinalies Internacionales competition in Paris. An expert jury drawn from all over the world blind tastes some 3500 wines from 41 wine producing countries. At the 2014 edition Familia Bianchi's 2012 Malbec was given a rather special (and probably shiny) Grand... Continue Reading →

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