One Forgets Everything With Champagne: Buenos Aires’ Best Wine Fairs

"Take a picture of me with the little girl", instructs my newfound Argentine friend to her husband. I lean in and clink my glass with hers, wondering exactly how old she thinks I am. Then I realise she's talking about a portrait on the wall right behind me. In fact, it's just one of a... Continue Reading →

From the Loire to the Ends of the Earth: Cabernet Franc Untamed

"A forest after a rainstorm" - Cabernet Franc from Chinon Cabernet Franc is traditionally associated with the Loire Valley and red Bordeaux blends, but in recent years the grape has found a distant new home in the wild deserts of Patagonia. For this month's Loire Valley #Winophiles challenge, I set out to investigate how this... Continue Reading →

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